Our Story

Way back in 2005, I was searching for answers to my skin woes. At 31 years old I was still suffering from dry yet oily, yet acne-ridden problematic skin that after a mere few minutes of applying my makeup would *poof*, disappear from my skin absorbing it, leaving me look like I walked out of the house half "done".

I tried everything. I mean EVERY. THING. Desperate, I seeked help from a dermatologist that did nothing more than made me look like a burn victim. Then going through the gamut of drug store brands to high-end department store brands that left me even more frustrated and my wallet a bit emptier with no relief in sight, I made it my mission to get to the real route of my problem, and get it resolved.

Little did I know at the time it was the makeup and skincare products I was using that actually caused most of my issues, ingredients like silicones, dyes & parabens to name a few.

It was then that I started formulating for myself, then to friends and shortly after, Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics was created with over 30k world-wide costumers, which led to the honorable opportunity to supply and create mineral lines for "well-known" companies!

Fast forward to 2020...We are back in business with a new and fresh take on our company, our product line and, our "mission".

Our "mission" is you. We will focus on giving you outstanding customer service, high quality products made from the best sourced natural ingredients, low overhead at fair prices. Keep it simple. Keep it natural.

We want to give back. We are committed to causes like helping feed and provide clean drinking water, building houses for the extreme poor and help rescue and counsel children in the sex trade. Every dollar you spend at Lumiere, helps to accomplish those goals, so we Thank You!

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